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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Better Quality. Better Service. HousewashingS.com

Proud to have been serving Richmond and its surrounding counties since 1993

Full Service Housewashing $199

ANY SIZE!!!  no scams, gimmicks, or prerequisites to clean anything else!

Using a bleach base detergent to remove mold, mildew, dirt, debris, spider webs, bird, and bug mess from the exterior of your homes siding, trim and windows, followed with a Simoniz rinsing agent to Bond with, neutralize, and remove the remaining contaminants and detergents and leave your windows streak free, then we use minimal pressure to clean your foundation, brick stoops and front walkway. Regular price $249, Chesterfield and South Richmond. Order here and save!

Quality and affordability, through regular maintenance.

And Never requiring a waver of liability!

  Using the most safe and effective methods that have stood the test of time for decades. When your methods are proven safe, there’s never any need for a waiver of liability. We use nothing but professional industrial grade detergents made by Simoniz, in no greater concentrations than are required, with absolute minimal pressure to complete the job safely and effectively, with next level equipment, that gives us the ability to clean three times the amount of surface area per hour, than even your largest commercial grade power washer. (With less pressure) Giving us the ability to slow down and deliver a higher level of quality in the same amount of time, by safer methods, by applying our detergents with high volumes of water in low concentrations, unlike newer, soft washing methods that use high concentrations of chemicals with drastically lower volumes of water.

             Bleach, or pool grade sodium hypochlorite, below 1%, is the most safe and effective product for removing mold, mildew, and algae from the outside of your home. It’s also completely safe for outdoor fabrics such as awnings and umbrellas. If the sun doesn’t bleach it, neither will our detergents. Much of the new trends in soft washing use greater concentrations, sometimes exceeding 6% in an attempt to be faster.  OSHA considers anything above 1% to be a hazardous material, requiring special PPE and extensive clean up after spillage. Any products used for removing organics are intentionally unfriendly to plant life; but less is better. The most widely accepted method for washing a house is a touch free, soft wash, using sodium hypochlorite, combined with a mild surfactant, and followed with a rinsing agent containing a neutralizer/inhibitor, and using high volumes of water (10 GPM or greater).The only other more “environmentally friendly” method is far less friendly to your homes exterior, and that is using high pressure/hot water. It’s great for cleaning brick and concrete, but horrible for siding and painted surfaces, especially vinyl, PVC, and composites, and typically far more labor-intensive

Always relying upon word of mouth  

Having served every community in Richmond, Chesterfield and Henrico. Ask your neighbors about us. With all the disinformation, gossip, secret shoppers and incentivized reviews, we shouldn’t have to tell you that you can’t believe anything that’s online. Even the BBB refuses to post our customers positive reviews, recommending our company, Or allow us follow up responses to complaints, unless we become an “accredited business” And pay them money. We have been serving Richmond for 30 years so we must be doing something right to have thousands of repeat customers. If we can’t remove the mold and mildew from the exterior of your siding through our touch free process, then we will Refund your money or not accept payment to begin with. Pre-payment is never a requisite, only a convenience, if you are unable to meet with us the day of service. We have a 100% success rate of refunding money to anyone that we have been unable to service for ANY reason. PayPal will confirm that you have the right to dispute the transaction for any reason, specifically just because you’re unsatisfied. And we stand by them in guaranteeing your satisfaction.

So sorry!

We sincerely apologize for being the sole cause of inflation here in this country and are actively working with the current president and politicians on both sides of the track to lower inflation and bring back our any size house washing for $99 

….. But please don’t hold your breath