Chesterfield and S. Richmond

$125 in Henrico and N. Richmond


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Haas Wash Services

using a commercial grade, bleach based housewashing detergent to remove mold, mildew, algae, dirt, debris, spider webs, bird and bug mess, followed with our Simoniz rinsing agent for a virtually spot free rinse

Siding & Trim, Any Size

Regular price $125

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The Works, Any Size



regular price $165

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Our housewashing, including a high pressure cleaning of the foundation and brick stoops, and followed with Simoniz Prime rinsing agent.

Full Service, Any Size

Our housewashing, including a tool shed, a high pressure cleaning of the foundation, brick stoops, and front walkway, and followed with Simoniz Prime rinsing agent.

All Inclusive Haas Wash, Any Size

using a commercial grade, bleach based, housewashing detergent to remove mold, mildew, algae, dirt, debris, spider webs, bird and bug mess, from your siding, foundation, brick stoops, tool shed, front walkway, ground gutters, concrete trim, and followed with our Simoniz Prime PAK rinsing agent, then rinsing your driveway to remove leaves and loose debris.

Home Detailing $99

After washing your home, debri trapped in cracks and crevices may drip out; Sometimes days later. With our detailing services we return to your property 3 to 5 business days after everything has completely dried to hand wipe these areas, brush the entire foundation where dripping water has splashed dirt back on, and spot clean areas of rust.

Decks $.35 sq.ft. the average 12x12 deck is approximately $50

Cleaned with a high alkaline solution to restore your decks natural color, removing mold, mildew, dirt, debris, and some to most old failing sealants and stains. After the cleaning is complete, we apply a brightener/neutralizer as recommended by most sealant and stain manufacturers. Please call for an estimate if you require the complete removal of a paint or stain.

Detached Garages

1 car $25

2 car $35

3 car $45

larger $65

Gutter Leaf Removal

1 story $50

2 story $75

3 story $100

Height above 28 ft $200

Simoniz Rinsing Agents

Now with 3 different products used to virtually eliminate spots from tap water. With "Prime" offering better water breakage and beading, and "Prime PAK" offering the best. Most of our customers find that professional window cleaning is not required afterward; however, if you are peticular about your windows we would recommend you still use them. Its other more important benefit, is to repel water from your siding from rain or dew, to slow the growth of mildew and algae. COMPLETELY INVISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE.

Gutter Restoration

Discontinued for liability reasons

Vinyl & Wood Fencing

cleaned by the same process as vinyl siding and wood decks

Concrete and aggregate patios and driveways $.07-.$.10 per sq.ft. the average 1500 sq.ft. driveway is $105

cleaned with a 3 step process with a cleaner, degreaser, and brightener, followed by a thorough rinsing

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